Real stories are powerful.


In America, nearly 15% of women and 3% of men experience rape at least once in their lifetime. These numbers are staggering, but they haven’t helped us move forward. We still don’t truly understand consent, who’s to blame or why this keeps happening. 

We've seen Brock Turner's and Susan Fowler's stories have tremendous effect. Let's keep this conversation going! The more people know, the easier it will be to push for change. So whether you're a survivor, friend of a survivor, therapist, HR manager, healthcare practitioner or anyone who has experienced something...

 We want to hear your story. So tell us.

All stories will be read out loud in a series of online videos & kept anonymous.

We will have real. authentic conversations about a universally misunderstood topic.

 We will educate people on what's actually going on.

We will create a new language regarding rape & assault to build lasting change.



Sponsored by video-platform Sightworthy (formerly Humblee).

Be brave. Share your story.